Advision media player

Advision media player is a high-quality, cost-effective hardware solution that easily connects to any screen or audio equipment for digital video and audio advertising. This media player for digital AV and Digital signage projects is perfected to an ideal state by experienced engineers and programmers.

The best hardware solution worked out to the smallest detail!

A box solution with our software that allows you to easily and quickly connect your communication channel.

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Other supported media players

Three steps to get started

Connect the Advision player to the screen.
Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the player and the other end to the screen.

Connect the Advision player to the power source and the internet.
The screen should turn on in about 5-10 seconds. Don’t forget to log in to your Advision account and add the new device.

Upload media files and press ‘Play.’
Select the content you want to display, then click ‘Save and send to your device.’


Now you can use all your Digital Signage hardware for your tasks!

Advantages and capabilities of operating systems and media players

Raspberry Pi for Digital Signage is a low cost and portable choice for those looking for a digital signage solution. Originally designed to teach programming to students, this computer is built into a compact keyboard and has since grown into a multifunctional platform that can be used for various projects, including digital signage.


When considering using Raspberry Pi for digital signage, it’s important to be aware of its limitations and advantages. One of the major limitations of Raspberry Pi is its processing power, which is not as powerful as traditional PCs or servers. As a result, it may struggle to handle larger or more complex digital signage projects and may not be ideal for projects that require real-time updates or high interactivity.


However, Raspberry Pi also has several advantages that make it an attractive option for digital signage. It is cost-effective and portable, making it ideal for small-scale projects that don’t require high levels of processing power. Additionally, Raspberry Pi is easy to set up and use, even for non-technical users, which allows for efficient content management and updating. With these advantages in mind, Raspberry Pi can be a viable option for digital signage projects with the right scope and requirements.


Linux Digital signage player on Linux OS is modern approach to communication offers several advantages, such as improved engagement, easy access, and a modern appearance. To create a centralized management system for audio (Digital audio advertising), video, and interactive content, the main components are needed: a media player (PC or set-top box) connected to the screen, an operating system, and software for managing and scheduling content broadcasting.


Linux is a competitor to other operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and Mac OS. However, digital signage on Linux stands out due to its high level of configurability. Large organizations with numerous IT teams benefit from Linux because they have access to customization capabilities and support. Ensure the desired effect in the operation of advertising information networks due to the correct hardware and software and competent technical implementation of the project.


Linux is an operating system that became available in the mid-1990s, and it is widely used around the world thanks to its flexibility, reliability, and security. For digital signage applications, Linux is an excellent choice due to its stability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Linux includes a kernel, which is the foundation of the system, and a series of distributions, making it highly customizable for digital signage, screens, or audio systems that broadcast advertising-information content.


Windows Digital Signage players are a cost-effective solution for digital signage systems. The embedded version of the operating system is less expensive than the full version, making it a more affordable option. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and compatibility with other software mean that there is no need for specialized personnel or extensive training, further reducing costs.


Advision Windows DS players offer a stable, reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for digital signage systems. Their compatibility with other software and scalability make them a flexible solution that can adapt to your business needs. If you are considering a digital signage system for your business, consider using Microsoft Windows-powered Advision players to maximize the capabilities of your system.


When it comes to digital signage, using a Windows operating system can offer several benefits, despite a few minor issues. One major advantage is that Windows 10 digital signage players often support touch screens, making them an excellent choice for interactive digital signage. Additionally, Windows digital signage setups have nearly unlimited power and scalability, meaning that you can have as many screens and players as you need.


Android digital signage is a popular choice for businesses and organizations that want to improve their communication efforts. Its customizable platform, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and reliability make Android-based digital signage software a reliable option for any digital signage project. Android digital signage is suitable for a wide range of purposes, such as displaying product information in retail stores, promoting brands in public spaces, or communicating important messages in corporate settings.


Apart from its user-friendly interface and affordability, Android digital signage also offers a diverse range of software applications. With an Android digital signage app, businesses can control and manage their signage displays remotely from their smartphones or tablets. This is particularly useful for organizations with multiple digital signage displays across different locations. By being able to manage all devices from a centralized location, businesses can save time and boost productivity.


Android digital signage offers a significant advantage in terms of its hardware options. It can run on various devices, including Android digital signage players that are specifically designed to provide reliable performance and high-quality output. These players are optimized for digital signage, ensuring smooth playback and dependable performance, even in challenging environments. Additionally, they offer various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth, making them adaptable and simple to integrate into existing systems.

Advision Web player
Recommended for instant setup in cases where hardware is needed for online content broadcasting through a web browser. An excellent option for advertising and informational events.

Advision Tizen player
To ensure content playback, use the Advision software on professional Samsung displays compatible with Tizen and take advantage of the convenient content management system.

Advision WebOS player
Recommended for instant setup or when preferring LG displays. Ideal for using Advision if the display features are insufficient.

Advision TV player
Simple and reliable solution, no need for additional purchase or connection of set-top boxes or mini-PCs. Installed directly on the TV’s internal board with extensive functionality.

You can install our software on your devices

In addition to the devices we offer, you can install our software on a range of other popular hardware. This means greater versatility, aligning with your deployment needs, and a smooth transition to Advision while retaining the hardware you’ve already purchased.

If you haven't chosen suitable hardware yet, we will make you the best offer!