Software for LED screens – Kharkiv airport

Advertising and information complex of outdoor, indoor LED screens and development of online air transport flight board for Kharkiv airport (software for LED screens).

Software for LED screens.

Airports and Transportations hubs have the challenge of needing to communicate to is travelers 24/7. Long gone are the static advertising and TV monitors. With advances in technology and product these transportation facilities can create immersive, effective and efficient spaces with the use of LED video Display technology. LED displays are enabling signage creativity in new and exciting ways to create unforgettable experiences.


The digital screen signage systems is a systematic digitized software that shows all flight relevant information. Our Flight Information Display Software is a fault tolerant solution. Displaying of information has evolved from flap boards to LCD Screens with simple data presentation and now an automated software that showcases multiple data on an LED screen. Additionally, the software also allows for running multiple data formats together, that allows for widgets such as date-time or weather, and other important announcements for silent airports, safety messages, etc. to be displayed alongside the flight information. (How it works?)


In addition to LED displays, digital signage content management solutions are becoming increasingly popular in airports and transportation hubs. These solutions offer a centralized platform for managing and updating digital signage content, allowing for real-time updates and the ability to tailor messages to specific audiences or times of day.


Digital signage applications and apps are also being developed specifically for transportation facilities, offering features such as wayfinding and interactive maps to help travelers navigate the complex environments. These apps can be accessed through personal mobile devices, making them a convenient and accessible tool for travelers.


To these digital displays and applications, digital information board software is essential. This software allows for the management and display of various types of information, including flight schedules, gate changes, and airport news and events. The digital screen signage systems can also integrate with other systems, such as security and weather monitoring, to provide a comprehensive and unified experience for travelers.To control the screens, you only need the Internet, a computer or a smartphone. Our software for LED screens support for all popular formats: Video, Images, Audio, HTML files, ZIP HTML apps and VAST ads.On an average, a traveler spends 60-120 minutes at the airport before their flight takes off. That’s the amount of time you get to make a big impact on everybody who is passing through your property. Flight information are the first things that come to mind when you talk about digital signage at an airport. But even there, you can do so much morу. Like, run a parallel screen with advertisements!


Passenger waiting areas are prime spots to keep the audience engaged with context-based advertisements. For example, for a flight departing to Goa, an advertisement about beachwear selling at an airport shop could inspire waiting travelers to grab an apparel.


Passengers spend a significant amount of time waiting for their luggage to arrive. These areas an excellent spot to disperse not only advertisements, but also social or education messages as part of the corporate social responsibility programs.

Large airports can often get difficult to navigate for passengers. By showcasing wayfinding maps on digital signage throughout the network, you can help travelers save a lot of time and hassle. These wayfinding displays can always double up as advertising real estate.
When you are trying to woo tourists and travelers, the ambience of the airport matters a lot. Now, you can wow your audience and give them a matchless experience using our bespoke, ultra-large LED displays and creative digital installations.

Using digital signage makes managing large queues at departure gates much, much easier. Once boarding starts, switch from showing advertisements to sharing how the passengers are being called out to board.


The Software for LED screens, designed Advision, has several functions that allow you to better manage the led walls remotely such as: easy loading of contents, programming of video and text contributions during the year-month-week-day, partition of the video window, brightness adjustment and control of electricity consumption with a view to energy saving and reduction of light pollution, diagnostics and sending configurations.


The digital sign board software Advision, in fact, is an essential element of differentiation, be it advertising, entertainment or public information.

With the advancements in LED display technology, digital signage apps, and digital information board software, transportation facilities can create dynamic and immersive environments that engage and inform travelers. These digital information display boards offer a versatile and efficient solution for communicating with travelers 24/7, and will continue to play a crucial role in the airport and transportation industry.



  • Stable operation of indoor LED screen and outdoor LED totems
  • Synchronization of content playback on outdoor LED screens installed in one row
  • Single online cabinet for remote administration of content broadcasting
  • Development of an information flight schedule with dynamic data updating 
  • Flexible planning of broadcasting of digital advertising content
  • Providing statistics to advertisers in the form of a digital document or via a web link
  • Non-standard advertising formats

Software for LED screens.

  • Installed customized Linux OS
  • Developed informational flight schedules with dynamic online updating of data and integrated it with the airport database
  • Gave access to the client’s manager to an online account for remote control and planning of displaying advertising digital content
  • Trained client managers



Software for LED screens.

  • Reliable operation of all LED screens installed inside and at the airport
  • Broadcast management through an online account and automation of digital content playback scheduling allow remote administration from anywhere in the world
  • Up-to-date information and flight schedule for airport visitors
  • Synchronization of content display on vertical outdoor LED totems
  • The client provides advertising services in accordance with the modern requirements of the DOOH industry, fulfilling any request from advertisers
  • Online technical support from Advision Support team



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