Digital Signage solutions for store Sanahunt

Content Management System to create a single visual solution for the Sanahunt luxury department store (Digital Signage Solutions for store).

Digital Signage Solutions for store.

Digital signage is the perfect tool to boost your business, upgrade your sales points, revitalise your store and increase your business’s productivity. Its amazing versatility allows you to completely modernise the image of your company, to promote your expertise at a point-of-sale or a reception, or simply to replace the cork notice board.


Digital Signage Solutions for store is the best solution to attract customers and drive sales. Enhance customer engagement with attention-grabbing images & videos and stimulate extra purchases. Our retail digital signage solution helps you create eye-catching window displays that show off current promotions. (How it works?)

Advision’s digital signage software opens up a number of new ways to use your displays to reach out to customers in a fast-moving environment. Thanks to the most practical retail signage solution on the market, you can connect and manage content on any screen, in real-time.


Enjoy a full range of features when using our software and say goodbye to static communication and black non-functioning screens!

Shine a spotlight on new merchandise, bestselling products or popular sales with in store digital signage. Use product videos, images, and customer testimonials to spark consumer interest.

Advertise sales and promotions with impressive playlists you can create in seconds. Use images, videos and any type of media. Schedule content so the right people see it at the right time and use the power of digital store signs.


Display sales, news, events, brand updates and upcoming preorders on signage screens in shop windows. Advertise your promotions to passers-by and get more people shopping with in store digital advertising. The many benefits of digital signage can help your business soar.


Use our scheduling feature to target customers with ads, sales and promotions that interest them. Grab their attention with in store video displays to boost profits. And remotely update schedules in seconds.

Retail signage displays could be an additional revenue stream, when you advertise third-party promotions within your store with Digital Signage Solutions for store.


Advision’s digital signage solution for retail stores is a new point of sale tool that helps retailers adapt more quickly to the purchasing behaviour-shifts of their customers. Connected fleets of screens offer many more and new dynamic functionalities to in-store advertising than traditional printed means.

Bringing digital signage into your store opens up a world of new possibilities for promoting products, serving customers, and enhancing the store experience. You can launch signage by playing your best product ad, or take it up a notch by setting up interactive screens and self-serve checkouts. Either way, make sure you find the right solution that fits your business.


  • Combining LED screens from different manufacturers into a single digital visual solution
  • Synchronization of video content display on all LED screens installed in showcases
  • Uninterrupted and stable operation of the local server and LED screens
  • Enterprise license for a local server that complies with security requirements

Digital Signage Solutions for store.

  • Installed custom Linux OS and set up a new local client server
  • Installed CMS Advision with settings for synchronous playback of video content
  • Provided access to an online account for remote management and scheduling of content displays
  • Conducted training for client staff



Digital Signage Solutions for store.

  • Stable operation of the server and LED screens
  • Single digital signage solution with local management and via VPN to control screens from any part of the world
  • Synchronization of content playback on all LED screens installed in shop window
  • All security requirements are met due to software and professional configuration of hardware running on an enterprise license
  • Colorful visual WOW effect attracting new customers



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