Digital signage solution for car dealerships

Combining indoor LCD displays installed in 70 Mitsubishi Motors showrooms into a single Digital Signage solution.

Software for screens.

A digital signage solution, installed in the network of car dealershipsis, comprised of multiple components from hardware to software and these all work together to deliver the best performance out of a digital sign. Typically, displayed content on a screen falls into three categories: video/entertainment, directional/informational and audio/visual. These three uses can — and often do — overlap, and are the most common ways that companies and organizations leverage digital signage in their everyday operations. (How it works?)


Digital screen signage systems have become increasingly popular in various industries, including the car dealership network. These systems provide an effective way to communicate with customers and employees, and to showcase products and services. A digital signage solution in a car dealership network typically includes multiple components, ranging from hardware to software, that work together to create a seamless and engaging experience for the audience.


One popular option for digital signage using raspberry pi, a small and affordable computer that can be integrated into digital signage systems. This solution allows for the creation of a low-cost, yet powerful, digital signage solution that can be easily customized and updated.


In addition to hardware components, digital signage system solution plays a critical role in the performance of the system. This software manages the content that is displayed on the digital screen, ensuring that it is relevant, engaging, and up-to-date. With the right display screen software, car dealerships can easily create and manage content, as well as schedule and automate display updates.


When it comes to the content that is displayed on a digital screen, there are typically three categories that it falls into: video/entertainment, directional/informational, and audio/visual. These three types of content are often used in combination to create a well-rounded and engaging digital signage experience. Video and entertainment content can be used to capture the attention of customers, while directional and informational content can provide useful information about products and services. Audio and visual content, such as music or sound effects, can enhance the overall experience for the audience.


Digital signage systems have become an essential tool for car dealerships to effectively communicate with customers and employees. By leveraging digital signage using raspberry pi and display screen software, car dealerships can create a customized and engaging experience that sets them apart from the competition.

Another important aspect of digital signage solution in car dealerships is its ability to enhance the overall customer experience. With the use of digital signage solution , car dealerships can create an immersive and interactive environment that allows customers to explore products and services in a more engaging way.


For instance, digital signage solution can be used to display high-quality images and videos of cars and other products, providing customers with a more detailed and immersive look at the features and benefits of each vehicle. Interactive digital signage displays can also allow customers to explore different options and features, providing them with a more personalized and engaging experience.


In addition, digital signage solution can be used to promote special deals and offers, such as financing options or seasonal sales. By using dynamic and eye-catching content, car dealerships can create a sense of urgency and excitement around these promotions, which can help to increase customer engagement and drive sales.


Digital signage can also be used to streamline internal communication within car dealerships. With the use of digital signage system software, dealership managers can easily communicate important information and updates to their employees, such as sales targets, training opportunities, or safety procedures. This can help to improve efficiency and collaboration within the dealership, ultimately leading to a better overall experience for customers.


In conclusion, digital signage has become an essential tool for car dealerships, providing a cost-effective and engaging way to communicate with customers and employees, enhance the customer experience, and streamline internal communication. By utilizing digital signage using raspberry pi and display screen software, car dealerships can create a customized and interactive environment that sets them apart from the competition and drives sales.


  • Collect different models of client LCD displays into a single network
  • Remote control of the broadcast from the central office of the auto importer
  • Synchronization of content playback on all LCD displays in a car dealership
  • Remote monitoring of displays and Internet connections with them
  • Automation of placement and deactivation of outdated advertising video materials

Software for screens.

  • Made a delivery of a batch of mini-PC Raspberry Pi 4 with customized OS Linux
  • Installed Advision CMS with functions for the tasks of the client
  • Provided access to the online cabinet for remote monitoring, managing and scheduling content impressions
  • Conducted online training for client staff

Software for screens.

  • We united disparate LCD displays of the client into a single network
  • The central office of the auto-importer remotely controls the broadcast
  • Implemented synchronization of advertising content impressions to create a WOW effect
  • Online monitoring of the operation of the Digital Signage equipment complex allows you to quickly respond to possible problems
  • Access to cloud storage for Digital Signage content through CMS Advision cabinet
  • На LCD дисплеях теперь всегда транслируются актуальные рекламные материалы автопроизводителя
  • Technical support from Advision support team

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