The effectiveness of digital signage in retail

Digital signage in retail in the trading hall: how advertising displays can increase sales and save marketing budgets.

Agromat - digital signage in retail.

According to most people, Digital Signage platform has long ceased to be purely an image-building tool. (How it works?)

In our time, Digital Signage in retail helps effectively solve many tasks, while significantly saving money on the production and delivery of paper advertising POS products.


The year 2021 showed an unprecedented growth of the Digital Signage market worldwide. Many companies have tested the direction of digital video communication and have begun actively investing in it, implementing it in their business. It is still too early to predict the results of the outgoing year – most likely, the market volumes will be much more impressive than even the most optimistic experts expected.

Overall, the global retail market is already ready for mass implementation of digital signage in retail: many companies have matured to use such tools, and the example of colleagues actively introducing digital solutions since the early 2010s is an additional source of inspiration and a positive example for them.


Another factor contributing to the demand for Digital Signage in retail is the reduction in cost and simplification of the use of digital visual technologies. Today, there is no longer a need to invest significant funds in expensive equipment and deploy a technologically complex infrastructure. More and more companies look at Digital Signage as a SaaS, which significantly simplifies integration into an existing structure or helps to easily deploy a solution for a new project. No one needs a serious, expensive infrastructure with a bunch of servers, scattered equipment from different manufacturers, and a team of professional technical personnel serving all of this. Businesses need a simple and understandable tool for communication with customers in the trading hall, which informs visitors about products and services, motivating them to make purchases.


Just a couple of years ago, Digital Signage was perceived more as an expensive image-building tool, now – not least due to the gradual reduction in equipment and technology costs – it is being considered as a full-fledged marketing tool. There are not yet so many tasks that can be solved with its help, and until recently, interesting cases on the market were catastrophically lacking.

At present, a good example is the implementation of the best Digital Signage solution and the Advision SaaS product – cloud digital signage software in the Agromat stores. After installing digital displays and players with our software in stores, only one employee of the marketing department of the Agromat company was able to devote a small part of their time to build a media digital visual strategy.


The advision – best digital signage app helps admin and automate the distribution of content on each individual display in the required store, in the required proportion of the total broadcast time to achieve maximum efficiency. For example, if a product is not worth advertising to a specific audience (or segment) of customers visiting the store on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, it can be easily planned to show it to a more relevant audience on other days and times using the flexible planning tool in the advision digital display content management system web cabinet. Therefore, with the right approach and use of digital advertising, the retailer has the opportunity to target specific products and thus increase the average check.


The following content can be transmitted on displays: store promotions/affiliated promotions, advertising content, targeted product offerings, targeted promotional offers, new and popular product offerings, related product offerings, product sets and cross-sales, as well as products from cart segments. In addition, with digital indoor advertising, it is possible to test new offers in real-time mode and promote less popular products.

A significant advantage for the Agromat stores was saving about 70% of the budget allocated for printing paper POS materials and their delivery to stores. Agromat actively uses the advision SaaS solution – cloud digital signage system, which allowed them to pay more attention to content policies and message targeting when communicating with customers.


  • An intuitive web interface for working with the SaaS solution
  • Stable operation of indoor screens installed in the store
  • A single cabinet for remote administration of content transmission on the display network
  • Flexible planning of digital advertising content transmission
  • Output statistics in the form of a digital document or web link
  • Savings on funds allocated for printing and delivering paper advertising materials

Agromat - digital sign software in retail.

  • Installed a customized Linux OS
  • Installed the advision cloud signage player
  • Provided the client manager with access to the online cabinet for remote management and planning of the display of digital advertising content
  • Trained client managers

Agromat - digital sign software in retail.

  • Reliable operation of screens installed inside retail stores
  • Airtime management through an online dashboard and automated planning of digital content displays allow for testing of marketing activities
  • The client manager has been granted access to online monitoring functions to prevent potential technical equipment failures
  • Online technical support from advision team
  • Savings on printing and delivering paper POS materials

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