Control Media facades for Nikolsky shopping mall

Control Media facades or management of a LED screens complex and an interactive LED floor installed in the Nikolsky shopping and entertainment center - the most innovative shopping facility in Kharkiv Ukraine.

Control Media facades.

Media facades are buildings associated with screens and animations, illuminated advertisements, etc. Places such as Japan, the Las Vegas Strip, and Hong Kong are users of this media architecture. Media facades can turn a building facade or an entire building into a dynamic world. Made by seamlessly integrating LED video lights or mesh screens into the structural facade. (How it works?)


Specifically, a large number of individually controllable lights or LED mesh screens are mounted to the surface of a building. As a result, media facades are able to convey content such as advertisements by displaying text, pictures, animations and videos.


In a word, taking artistic aesthetics as the main purpose, and at the same time serving as commercial advertising, it integrates information media system with architectural design, facade technology, and lighting (in special cases, also natural light and shadow).

Media facades have revolutionized the way we view buildings, transforming them from static structures into dynamic and interactive displays. By integrating advertising LED video lights or mesh screens into the structural facade, media facades create an immersive and engaging experience for passersby.

One of the key components of a media facade is the digital signage software system that powers it. This software is responsible for managing the content that is displayed on the facade, allowing for a wide range of visual effects and interactive experiences.


There are many different types of digital signage software available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Some popular options include digital signage software for PC, which allows users to create and manage content on their personal computer, and digital signage player software, which is designed to run on dedicated hardware that is connected to the media facade.

Another important component of a media facade is the digital signage CMS software, which provides a centralized platform for managing and scheduling content across multiple displays. This software allows users to create and publish content in real-time, and can be used to schedule content to appear at specific times of day or in response to specific events.


Overall, media facades have become a powerful tool for advertisers, businesses, and architects alike, allowing them to transform buildings into dynamic and engaging displays that capture the attention of passersby. With the right digital signage software system in place, media facades can create truly stunning and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on all who see them.


  • Synchronization of content playback on three LED screens installed inside the wall
  • A single online account for the administration of content broadcasting on outdoor, indoor LED screens and interactive LED floor
  • Flexible scheduling of digital advertising content
  • Providing statistics to advertisers in the form of a digital document or via a web link
  • Non-standard formats for advertising with triggers and interactive mechanics

Control Media facades.

  • Installed Advision Player on Linux OS and Windows 10 PRO
  • Gave access to the client’s manager to an online account for remote control and planning of digital content display
  • Conducted training for client staff

Control Media facades.

  • Stable operation of LED screens
    Synchronization of content display on LED screens
  • Creating a festive atmosphere and WOW effect from bright ads
  • The client provides advertising services at a professional level, receiving additional income from advertising
  • Broadcast management through a web-cabinet and automation of digital content display scheduling are as convenient as possible for client managers
  • Provided access to monitoring functions to prevent possible technical failures of the client’s hardware
  • Technical support and consultation from Advision experts

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